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Kota sydäntalven auringonsäteiden valossa..
Kota talvella.
Kodassa on tilaa 2 – 10 hengelle.
Talviauringon säteet siivilöityvät metsän läpi.
Talviauringon säteet siivilöityvät metsän läpi.
Lyhty valaisee pimeässä.
Kodassa on tilaa 2 – 10 hengelle.
Talviauringon säteet siivilöityvät metsän läpi.
Talviauringon säteet siivilöityvät metsän läpi.
Kodassa on tilaa 2 – 10 hengelle.
Talviauringon säteet siivilöityvät metsän läpi.
Taivasta Kodan yläpuolella.
Kodalla on tilaa olla sisällä ja ulkona.
Porontaljat lämmittävät mukavasti kodan laveripenkeillä.
Kodassa on tilaa 2 – 10 hengelle.
Kodassa on tilaa 2 – 10 hengelle.
Kodassa on tilaa 2 – 10 hengelle.
Kodassa on tilaa 2 – 10 hengelle.
Talviauringon säteet siivilöityvät metsän läpi.
Talviauringon säteet siivilöityvät metsän läpi.
Kodassa on tilaa 2 – 10 hengelle.

Barbecue Hut Kota

Take a break from everyday life and relax together with family, friends or co-workers. At Kota you can experience nature and enjoy the warm and cozy atmosphere of the hut. Spending time in good company by the glow of fire is something truly unique. Kota is located near the cabins of Salmisen mökit and is easily accessible to guests. It is also available for bookings for non-residents.

Kota is equiped according to the wishes of each guest and we recommend you reserve ample time to spend at the hut. You can enjoy lighting fires, eating food prepared by the fire and hanging with your friends. Kota has generous seating/sleeping space with reindeer hides to keep you warm. Broiled salmon, sausages and warm sandwiches have all been tried and tested on the barbeque. On the stove you can cook potatoes or make coffee. Or better yet pancakes – and enjoy them with whipped cream and cloudberry jam of course!

We welcome your furry friends!


  • room for 10 people / sleeping space for 5
  • stove and grill
  • fire starting kit
  • sausage grilling set
  • broiling board for salmon (advance booking)
  • coffee pot, saucepan, frying pan, spatula (advance booking)
  • dry firewood
  • storage room with supplies and outhouse
  • hand washing station
  • sledding hill in winter
  • books
  • lanterns/ outdoor fires (evening excursion only)
  • day excursion 4 hours: 10–14 / 12–16 / 14–18
  • evening excursion 4 hours: 16–20 / 18–22
2–4 people, pets +5€ each
10–14 / 12–16 / 14–18 

55 €

Kotametsässä voi retkeillä myös lemmikin kanssa.

Day visit with
your pets

  • For only you and your furry friends
10–14 / 12–16 / 14–18,
pets +5€ each

45 €

Savu kohoaa Kodan piipusta.

Day excursion
4 hours

  • Take a break and relax together with friends.
2–4 people, pets +5€ each
10–14 / 12–16 / 14–18

55 €

Kodassa on tilaa 2 – 10 hengelle.

Evening excursion 4 hours 

  • books to play and sing
  • lanterns/ outdoor fires
2–4 people, pets +5€ each
16–20 / 18–22

70 €

Lehtola-mökki talvella.
Uinti on mahdollista myös talvikaudella.
Takkavalkean äärellä voi tunnelmoida yhdessä.
Lehtola kesällä.
Lehtolan pihamaa.
Laiturilta pääsee uimaan ja suppailemaan.
Lehtola-mökin tunnelmallinen takkatupa.
Lehtola-mökin laituri.
Varaava takka.
Auringonlasku talvella.
Lehtola-mökin laituri.
Lehtola-mökin sauna.
Lehtolan tunnelmallisessa takkatuvassa on tilaa rentoutua.
Lehtola-mökin vuoteet.
Takkatuvan ruokailutila.
Lehtola-mökissä on valoisa keittiö.
Ruokailutilan ikkunasta voi seurata metsäluonnon elämää.
Lehtola-mökin ruokailutila.
mökin terassilla voi vilvotella omassa rauhassa.

Leisurely Cabin Lehtola

The atmospheric Cabin Lehtola offers you a chance to take time for yourself by the glowing fireplace, all year round. The cabin is nestled in the privacy of forest nature in authentic rural setting. Adjacent to this log cabin is a wood-heated sauna. The nearby lake offers plenty of opportunities to refresh yourself whether it be by swimming, rowing a boat, SUP boarding or fishing! We welcome you to come charge your batteries and relax in the midst of nature.


  • wood-heated sauna with a shower
  • heat-retaining fireplace
  • 5 beds, comfortably sleeps 1–2
  • fridge-freezer
  • electric stove and cooker hood
  • coffee maker
  • electric kettle
  • microwave
  • TV
  • radio
  • indoor toilet
  • well water
  • firewood for sauna and fireplace
Weekly rate starting at

590 €

Quaint Cabin Kallio

The unique atmosphere of Kallio is created by the cabin’s light interior and natural light streaming through the windows. This popular 1-2 person log cabin overlooking a small lake gets its name from the cliff it is situated on. The terrace bathing in the evening sun is like a second living room in the middle of nature. Adjacent to the cabin is a gently heating sauna and a changing room with a fireplace. From the cabin, steps lead you down to the lake, where there is a private pier and a little rowboat. Here you can enjoy tranquil nature and bird song throughout summer!


  • wood-heated sauna and fireplace
  • 4 beds, comfortably sleeps 1–2
  • kitchenette
  • fridge-freezer
  • hotplate
  • electric socket for charging a phone or other small electric device
  • gas grill with a side burner
  • well water
  • dry toilet
  • rowboat
  • firewood for sauna and fireplace
Monthly rate starting at per week

290 €

Kallio-mökki sijaitsee nimensä mukaisesti kallionlaella.
Tupasvillaa pitkospuiden vieressä.
Kallio-mökin saunan tunnelma syntyy luonnonvalosta.
Näkymä Kallio-mökin laiturilta.
Mökin pihapiiri on metsäluonnon keskellä.
Mökissä on vuoteet neljälle hengelle.
järvimaisemaa Kallio-mökin laituurilta.
Järvimaisemaa mökin laiturilta.
Luonnonvalo valaisee mökin takkatupaa.
Mökin takka luo tunnelmaa.
Saunan ikkunasta näkee suoraan järvelle.
Kalliolla voi rentoutua luonnonhelmassa.
Takkatuvan puolella on minikeittiö.

Information for guests

Booking And Cancellation Policy

Your booking should include accurate billing information.

Your booking information should incluce the number of guests. If the number of guests increases from the original booking, the seller should be notified without delay.

Your booking has been confirmed on your part when you have made a confirmation by phone or email. The booking can not be cancelled after this. Upon booking the guest must pay an advance payment of 50% of the total value.

Your booking has been confirmed by the seller when you have paid the advance payment by due date, or the total value.

The final payment must be paid 6 weeks before arrival. If the booking has been made less than 6 weeks before arrival the total value must be paid upon booking.

If the booking is cancelled, neither the advance nor the final payment will be refunded.

If the payments are not made by due date, the seller has the right to cancel the booking without notice.

Arrival and departure

Check in at 16:00 on the day of arrival. Check out at 12:00 on the day of departure. Other arrangements can be made when possible.

Bed linen

Guests should bring their own bed linen and towels. In case you forget them, we rent bed linen and towels for a small fee. Contact us by calling 045 187 4181.


Please remember to clean the cabin before departure! Or you can book a cleaning from us by calling 045 187 4181. If you haven’t booked a cleaning, you should take care that all surfaces, sauna and toilet are clean. Regardless of whether you have booked a cleaning or not you should wash the dishes, put trash in the bins and take your food items with you. Leave the cabin as you would wish to find it the next time you visit!

Working remotely

Own device needed. For best connection we recommend using Elisa network. We rent office supplies when possible.

Contact information

email: info@salmisenmökit.net